You know that,  nowadays, there are aloot ooof gadget we can use to improve our live so our live can be more interesting. It is also be a proof   from the advances of technology developing now, especially in information and communication sector. You can see now that technology becomes a main part to human-being lives.
In addition, gadget as one of technology product in information and communication be a main device to global communication. Gadget becomes a powerful device which mankind depend the life on it. Hohoho, maybe i exaggerate it to much. i just said that there are some people become gadget victim. Some people can sacrifice their money etc to own some latest gadget although the price is soooo expensive.
And me? I am not a part of some electrical or informatics engineering so i can know the specialty or advantages of the gadget. I don’t really care about that kind of technology too much. I just use what i need. Thats it.
But, begin April 2012,  since i bought a cellphone from android type i.e galaxy android young., i feel so exciting about the advantages of communication technology. Worth it. Im so spellbound about how can my cellphone bbecome so smart.
And now, in this writing, i used the other kind of gadget namely ipad. And it also made me feel soooo exicited. Wow!!!!!
My director allowed me to use his ipad to be explored. He gave me one month to explore the furor from this gadget. And then, i must tell and share my experience in exploration this ipad to my boss hehehehe…
Whatever the objection was, i feel so interested to explore and responsible to watch over this ipad. You know, how much is the price of the gadget? Maybe my salary from several months will not sufficient enough to buy it. So i am a little bit nervous and happy at the same time in experiencing the ipad gadget, hohohoho.


About iinparlina

Seorang Insan manusia yang diciptakan Allah dengan segala kekurangan dan kelebihannya, yang mencoba menjadi seorang yang dicintaiNya, dan salah satu cara yang dilakukannya adalah dengan menulis, membagi sedikit sekali ilmu yang dimilikinya. Meskipun sedikit, dia berharap dari yang sedikit itu, ilmu itu bisa bermanfaat untuk orang lain sebagaimana dia pun membutuhkan Ilmu untuk membuatnya bisa menjejakan kakinya di surga.

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  1. teh Iin, mayeb, i must tell and share (parallel construction) :-p

    ga tahu deng.. :p

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