EAP Result ^__^

Here i am not referring to the result of EAP aka IELTS test ^_^. I just want to list all of noticeable changes that i have experienced for 3 months in Denpasar.

The following points are my advantages that i acquired:

  1. My ability in using english. Of course, because i joined the english course, no matter what, i have to make remarkable progress in listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Hohoho, i fully aware that perhaps my english is not as good as my friends, but i am extremely happy that i could put my significant effort here.
  2. My network. I was there with 19 friends from different institutions for instance Lipi, Bapeten, BIG, Batan, and Ristek. I also befriended with so many people from Dikti, ADS 6 months, 3 months, and 9 months. And until now, we are still keep in contact. Furthermore, my teachers in IALF: Sue, Agus, Nick, Steve, and Maggie. I am glad i can know them. In addition, because of a couple reasons, i also met Ibu Rini, and Geng As Syifa Unud ^__^ who played significant roles in my life there.
  3. Friendship, here i focus on how close my relationship with my friends, especially my housemates: mba Linda, Asti, and Mba Tia. Spent so many time and many places, many events, and staggering things occurred there make us become so clooose ^__^. And i want to mention Indri as my best friend, who brought me to the Islamic communities there..
  4. Significant Improvement in Character Development. I have wonderful feelings that i have experiences in dynamic and mixed feelings that i can rely to make me become better and better.. But a very clear thing is my amalan yaumiah increasing significantly here ^___^
  5. Reduce weight as much 4 kgs. ^__^.. ehehehehehe…. nicest thing, isn’t it?
  6. I gained -0.5 for my eyes. so now i have to suffer from miopi as much -0.75… i have tried to use glasses, and i looked cool hahahah…but until now, i am unsure to using glasses in whole of my life

There are other benefits that i acquired, but for now, i just want to write these things. To be continued………..


About iinparlina

Seorang Insan manusia yang diciptakan Allah dengan segala kekurangan dan kelebihannya, yang mencoba menjadi seorang yang dicintaiNya, dan salah satu cara yang dilakukannya adalah dengan menulis, membagi sedikit sekali ilmu yang dimilikinya. Meskipun sedikit, dia berharap dari yang sedikit itu, ilmu itu bisa bermanfaat untuk orang lain sebagaimana dia pun membutuhkan Ilmu untuk membuatnya bisa menjejakan kakinya di surga.

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