Trapped inside the world called RE research… so dazzling sooo amaziiing

Let me share you about what things inside my mind now.

It is so amazing that I am here to see how world spinning. It is soo dazzling. How research world can be so competitive. Although I know some research could be related with some funding things but I truly believe all of us are struggling and competing to create better world.. ^_^


This week I had assignments to understand more about the biological pathways to convert lignocellulosic materials into non-oxigenated hydrocarbons. One of the products I found from literature is fernasene which is derived from lignocellulosic materials to sugar then to fernasene using the aerobic system.

This fernasene is actually patented at 2006 but last year it was used for blending in jet-fuel. Brazil is always the leading in terms of biojet fuel. Well yes. They cooperate with GOI, TOTAL, and then Amyris to fly the jet from Sau Paulo to the US. Later it is followed by the other flight company like Lufthansa which also has fernasene from biomass inside its fuel.

There are two most amusing thing in this news. First, this fernasene is derived using E.Coli and S. Cerevisiae. Those two microorganisms have worked hard these centuries to produce chemicals and fuels. And this fernasene reminds me about babassu oil that has become my inspiration to be involved in renewable energy field. As you know that my very first RE project which was also my undergrad research was about biojet fuel. I used pyrolysis and ozonolysis back then. Mostly chemical process. Of course in my opinion, biological conversion is always more interesting and challenging because it involves microorganisms which are usually difficult to control hehhee..

My research?? Still about biogas. But I made so many mistakes today. I am still under-expectation honestly speaking. There are so many things that I have to harness by myself. Well,, it is quite complicated to explain here. To the point is that I have to work harder, smarter, and faster…

Well.. I hope I can………………

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Seorang Insan manusia yang diciptakan Allah dengan segala kekurangan dan kelebihannya, yang mencoba menjadi seorang yang dicintaiNya, dan salah satu cara yang dilakukannya adalah dengan menulis, membagi sedikit sekali ilmu yang dimilikinya. Meskipun sedikit, dia berharap dari yang sedikit itu, ilmu itu bisa bermanfaat untuk orang lain sebagaimana dia pun membutuhkan Ilmu untuk membuatnya bisa menjejakan kakinya di surga.

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