Daily Archives: July 24, 2015

I am quite productive this week, but it is not enough

Mau curhat,

This week is quite a productive week for me. I finished reading some chapters of the books that I targeted to be returned to the library. I made notes and increase my reading speed too. My understanding is a little bit improved. Now I can also manggut-manggut pas Innu presentasi karena ngeh what she was talking about.


I also deactivated my facebook account yesterday. so only spending “social media” time by using Instagram, Tumblr, and WordPress. In the future, I might maintain this habit since the outcome is quite well.

Of course, being quite good is not good enough. Considering the load and the mandatories that I have to do, I am still far from the so-called an excellent graduate student, since I still cannot find novelty in my research, Still struggling with that.

Today, I finished a 44-page journal within 4 hrs followed a 5-page journal within only 46 minutes. Quite impressive for someone who is soo easily distracted like me. Therefore, I am writing note like this for this accomplishment as a trigger that I have to maintain this state and even increase my productivity..

I hope I am doing greater and greater…

just try your best because you know this is not adequate.. you still have to run mooooreee