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what happened in the class today, between brave and embarassed

To fulfill the mandatory graded credits for master program in WSU, we should take 21 credits in total. I took 15 credits (5 classes) in the previous semesters, so I only need two more classes, and I can focus on my research and experiment.The problem is I am confused about taking CE594 and BSYSE593. There is no choice for me not taking the EMIC567/8 because it is significantly needed in my research. Moreover, the professor funded the additional fee that is about $118.68.

Combining this course’s load that will be about laboratory activities with another course and my experiments is something that I am still figuring out now. It is because I don’t want to take a difficult class tbh so that I can finish all of my experiments for my master thesis. I am kind of feeling that taking BSYSE593 will not take too much time. However, CE594 seems more appealing because, in terms of content and the professor’s style, this class is more interesting and beneficial. However, it is also more challenging because the load and homework and stuff seem more difficult. Audit? I don’t know how this system works; I have never been in this auditing system before.

So, straight to the point. I attended the CE594 class today, AND I LIKE IT.

This class emphasizes the class participation. Unlike BSYSE593 that tends to be a one direction-seminar, in this class, the professor asked you a lot of questions. I answer several of them although my answers were not that good. I had difficulties in finding the right word (e.g. homogeneous vs uniformity), how to deliver my opinion effectively and efficiently, and how to catch the true meaning of the question.. Ah not forget to be concise and straightforward. Well… I know I am still in the learning process.. But it doesn’t mean that you can make mistake seenake dewek.. answer the question with the right answer. That is the best way.

But well, you know what? I got lesson too from those mistakes. I know that I am quite a narrowminded person, since I only look something from my point of view and things that I only know. For example, my answer about wood.. I answered lignin derivative compounds instead of lumber… because I don’t know lumber. ahhaha… well you get the brave point from that by speaking up what’s in your mind. But I think next time you should prepare better. Because in your most depth awareness, you know that you will be more encouraged if people appreciated your right answer.. ahaha..

Yeah.. That’s all for today’s class.. There is one more thing that I want to rant about. But let see if I have time to write that…

between Facebook and wordpress

You know what? I am deactivating facebook again based on my impulsivity.


I don’t have any specific reason for that.. it is just.I kinda fell like it. well if i think about again.. i do have reasons.. including my effort to manage my time ahhaha… But then I am aware of the fact that whenever I am getting rid of facebook, I always return to WordPress, simply because of me being expressive person who cannot bear when something comes up and i always want to express it.. then I feel that wordpress is more appropriate way to speak your mind in the writing form.. not facebook. so, this time I will try longer time than I tried before.

so blame it to my impulsivity and expressiveness… (I don’t know what kind of person i am LOL)

Sooo again.. my mind is going to burst right now, since there are some annoying things happened inside ahahha… I will write about them later though.. since i cannot keep them in my mind only.