Bioproduct and Bioprocessing Engineering Laboratory Annual Retreat 2015

So, this is the continuation of my previous pieces. This event was held one day after my individual evaluation meeting. This event was when every single members of BBEL gave presentation to summary the accomplishment they have in previous year (2015) and the the target of the next year (2016).

All 27 members including post-docs, visiting researchers, PHD and master students gave 10-minute-presentation, and everyone can ask, evaluate, and give some suggestions.


Since I am the members of 2 groups I can choose whether I will give the presentation in the morning with the AD group or in the afternoon with the pretreatment group. I choose morning tbh, not because I dont want to be a part of the pretreatment group but only because my morning’s spirit will be much more higher ^_^.

The most amusing part of my presentation was the fact that the Professor walked by himself and turn off the light to see my presentation better. He could just ask his student to do that, but he didnt. Or he could just turn that since very beginning, but he did that after two presenters. Well, it was just I felt a little bit touched to see how enthusiastic the Professor to see my presentation. It seems that it was a proof how interested he is with the silica removal concept.

There were some suggestions coming from Dr Li and Xiaochao after I finished the presentation. I noted and also recorded it. Well I always record my presentation to see how far I am improved.

In the end of the retreat, the Professor give a quite long lecture and mention how expensive the cost he was spent in 2015 to fulfill all of the necessity in the lab, almost one million dollars if I was not mistaken. A lot, isn’t it?

The most mixed feelings I got from this annual retreat was how hard it is to be a PHD student.. My mind run wildly remembering the Professor’s offer. I dont know whether I will really accept that offer or not. hehehe…. I know it is a chance,, but let see..

Oh then I also got this award. I remembered that last year, he only gave the award for two most excellent students. 2015 has 6, and I was included. To be honest I was not that excellent. My result for the HCSolb needs to be repeated to see the reproducibility. But again, the new par concept caught the professor’s attention. Moreover, electron microscopy class I took at the Fall semester obviously gave some beautiful pictures to prove that concept.


Standing between those 5 most excellent students makes me a little bit off.. it is a pressure for sure. But it is also a valuable encouragement for me to keep moving forward and put my best effort in my remaining time here.


(Professor, Rishi, Liang, Xiaochao, Innu, me, Jose)

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