Daily Archives: February 21, 2016

Halaqah Tahsin for Indonesian Youth ^_^

Subhanallah walhamdulillah. Nothing proper that can express my gratitude for the chance that Allah gives to me. Because it is beyond the way I expect, beyond the happiness that fulfilling my heart now. It is just because Allah chooses this way and I am sooo happpyyy about that.

quran 1

I started this activity with Teh Arin and Alm Mba Herma by performing the halaqah that is discussing the basic thing in our life. I remembered the first topic I presented was about the ways we interacted with Quran. But then when Ramadhan comes, we switched the halaqah into tadarus Quran. So, we have a session every day to read Quran. Each of participants has 4 minutes or so to read Quran for 1 hour every morning from 7 to 8am. In the end we cannot khatam, only 15 juz that we finished. But it was a wonderful time I have with those wonderful children (I think I will write this tadarus thing separately later).

Observing that Tadarus program has been successfully performed and increased the enthusiasms Read the rest of this entry