April 2015 was when I knew this tool from an advertisement displayed on the Facebook. At that time, I was aware of my condition which was so terrible in English Vinglish, so I decided to buy this annual subscription until graduation. After asking several people who apparently knew about this Grammarly, finally, I owned it and installed it in my Microsoft word. I bought it for $70 which is expensive for me but I need it anyway.

It is quite a powerful tool although still the one who can improve your English is yourself. But at least, this tool helped me to correct some ridiculous mistake I made especially about preposition and identifier which always become my problems since forever ahaha.
So the subscription will be over on April 27th which I expect I will be at the safe condition at that time (I hope), since I will have my final exam at April 11th.

And the funny thing about it that I found today was the fact that it has some conflict with EndNote application that I installed too..another powerful tool that can make your life become easier hihi.

Well, I should enjoy this application until it ends next month.

About iinparlina

Seorang Insan manusia yang diciptakan Allah dengan segala kekurangan dan kelebihannya, yang mencoba menjadi seorang yang dicintaiNya, dan salah satu cara yang dilakukannya adalah dengan menulis, membagi sedikit sekali ilmu yang dimilikinya. Meskipun sedikit, dia berharap dari yang sedikit itu, ilmu itu bisa bermanfaat untuk orang lain sebagaimana dia pun membutuhkan Ilmu untuk membuatnya bisa menjejakan kakinya di surga.

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  1. Waah saya juga pake teh, hehe..
    Sangat berguna emg

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