This Page will tell you about everything in my life related to Fulbright, for instance my application process, or next about my life as a fulbrighter..

The contain of this page will consist of:

  1. Why it has to be US? what is my true reason? hehehhehe
  2. Persiapan Aplikasi
  3. Sekelumit kisah Wawancara Fulbright
  4. Galau antara Monbusho dan Fulbright
  5. Jadi Principal Candidate
  6. TOEFL dan GRE buat Fulbright
  7. Submission Plan
  8. Galau antara AAS dan Fulbright
  9. Galau nunggu hasil admission
  10. Grup Aplikasi Apa
  11. Galau Galau dan Galau
  12. Pre-departure Orientation PDO Fulbright 2014
  13. Mutusin WSU, finally
  14. The busy three weeks buat persiapan berangkat
  15. Wawancara Visa J-1 ke US
  16. Packing Packing Packing
  17. Penerbangan ke US
  18. Pre-Academic Training @Kansas University
  19. Puasa di US
  20. Lebaran di US
  21. dst





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