Just a Curcol Between My Writing Session with the Pretreatment Team

I am now in the middle of my reading activity. Uhmm.. it is not really right to say it a reading session though, because basically this session on every Friday from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm is actually for writing session. But because I am newbie here and a master student while the others are PHD student, so I always use this session as one of my routine reading activity, while the others using this chance for writing paper or to arrange their dissertation, research proposal draft or whatever. But now I am really writing,,, this.. hahahha… you confuse, don’t you? I am bored reading so many things, that’s why I am writing now., like the others.

Okey here what is inside my mind now. I feel like boiling you know. Being here with so many clever and hard-worker students, with so many journals and so many things to do.. But well,, it is my choice after all. I cannot imagine myself if I hadn’t been through this way. I am glad though, that I exited from my comfort zone in BPPT to seek another challenge to know more, to face difficulties and to challenge my brain to think more and more. IT IS INDEED CHALLENGING.. I LIKE IT, ALTHOUGH perhaps I will face so many things here.

After reading and skimming and scanning so many journals, books, and ebooks (not in adequate number though) but well,, it kinda makes me wondering how can these authors read so many journals and books for their references. I understand perhaps that it needs best effort in time management and prioritizing, which is the thing that I am still struggling with. But it doesn’t mean that I give up,, I am still struggling with it.. and I am proud of that, even though I am fully aware that my effort is still below my expectation.

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