so.. it is again happened caused by my impulsiveness. I accidentally visited youtube yesterday. That youtube recommended me to watch a song titled “gerua”. Bo, ini lagu nyangsang nya mudah banget di kepala. bagus banget iramanya, yang maen MV nya juga bagus wkwkkw…

Yang bikin iin suka banget sama lagu ini adalah meaningnya yang tentang puisi yang kalo kata iin mah syahdu banget. Gerua means crimson kalo kata mas google mah. Lagunya sendiri cerita tentang bagaimana cinta mewarnai hidup.cuma the way the singers that song is like a sincere ratapan yang desperate… it seems like how thankful those person to be colored by love.

Ini lirik translasi nya…

coming out like the sunshine,
or slipping like the shadow,
wherever we met,
the moment stopped there..

when the sky melted
got moulded into glass,
and solidified,
it became your face..

I have forgotten the world and met you
and only this wish has come out of my heart,
color me crimson..
this is the heartfelt wish of your lover,
color me crimson..

it starts with you and ends on you,
this story is quite Sufi-style..
I am the caravan, and you are the destination,
where every path leads..

when the heart controlled itself a bit
and got attached to you,
all the fog of pain that was there
was washed away..

the world of the heart was deserted,
but from the day you entered it,
I have got the status of a living being
from being just a body..

all the relations of the world are pale,
now that there is a deep bond with you..


for me, puisinya bagus pisaaan.. and since I am a cougar (WSU-er: red), crimson is my color ^_____^

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