Home Movie a Review from me (contains a little bit spoiler)

well… I am supposed to write a review about Big Hero6 first. It is a plan that I made looong way before.. but don’t have chance ahahha… (too lazy with the other things –cough–). I hope I can write it soon, though. But here I am writing about Oh and Tip from the movie that is just released this year..The movie title is “Home”.


Again.. it is based on impulsivity (as my biggest enemy) and the boredom attack. But actually I know this movie from a video that I watched when Jennifer Lopez was singing. The video was awesome, though. The song she was singing is the soundtrack of this movie. I found it later when I installed popcorn time again ahahha… The trailer is good enough to attract my attention.

Today, finally I watched it. The first five minutes was good enough to make me stay. The feeling was quite different though compared to the feeling when I watched Baymax for the first time. But it was a good start and then I continued. I don’t regret it, though. It is really a good animation movie. Really.

So, perhaps this review is quite random. But let me start from the first impression I got. So.. what I’ve known so far, it is one of the family movies that has a black girl as a main protagonist. It is not that I am a racist. It is just because most of the western animation movies I watched have Caucasian people for the main protagonist. So, this aspect quite caught my attention. And I like TIP. She is beautiful, funny, and smart.. exactly similar with what Oh mentioned. The second obvious thing for me is the Oh’s cuteness and troublesomeness.. That drew me. Oh is super duper cute, not to mention has quite strong awareness and curiosity. Although it seems at first, he is quite troublesome.. But he is really smart, creative, and anti-mainstream when the other boovs are. So, he deserved to be the captain. His adventures with Tip made him became more mature and understanding although he has his egocentrism still when he dragged Tip to the spaceship.

The main value that I got from this movie is about the possibility. In the boov’s world, if there is less than 50% possibility of being successful, they will give up. Until Tip bursted to Oh’s life, he still believed that. But then, he changed this principle. As long as there is a possibility regardless how small it is, it is still worth to try and to give our best effort. Of course, if we really want that thing. In my case, there is some possibility to have what I dreamed for, so… I still have to give my best effort.

The other value about this movie is our lack understanding can prevent us to know the right solution for the problems we have. And sometimes it is seasoned by some prejudice followed our presumption. So, Oh actually fixed the mistakes that were made by Captain Smex. the Gorg is not the taker.. it is just tracing back the last generation that is unintentionally stollen by Captain Smex. Somehow, it reminds me about the last survivor of Uchiha clan wkwkkw…(dunno why, though).. oh not to mention that the Gorg is painfully adorable… So the lesson is “trying to understand what is really happening without any presumptions and prejudice”. It could be easier that you thought first. It doesn’t mean that it will not be difficult, though, but at least it will open more options and prevent you from doing any further mistakes.

This Disney movie is still about family. although the movie emphasize more into friendship. I like this genre a lot from Disney. ^___^. Therefore, don’t blame when there is a scene that makes you cry. 🙂

Oh well the songs for this movie are quite nice too.. ^_^. Although the lyrics not that meaningful (unlike some Japanese OSTs) but well they are quite catchy. Like “feel the light” from Jennifer Lopez.Well, I don’t really like singing English song, though, but this song is quite good ^___^.

That’s all for now. Perhaps will come back later if I have something else to add.

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