Inside Out; a Movie Review ^^

I have just finished watching another animation movie called “inside out”. I have known this movie for long by coincidentally watched the trailer. But at that time the trailer was not that enticing enough to attract my attention to watch the movie.

Last week, VV gave me the file, and I thought why not.. I easily feel bored this recent times. So I saved the file and watched it.

The first impression I got, compared to the feeling I got when I watched Big Hero6 and Home was not that excited although I start feeling enjoy watching this. I bet that this movie has been through the research in the neuroscience of psychology, because it seems that they tried to tell us how a mind works. It is funny to see the simplification by defining the mind works only based on the control of joy, sadness, disgust, anger, and fear. Well, to be honest, it is too simple. But well, perhaps these five operators are the most obvious emotions humankind have. There is also part of the conscious mind, dream, imagination, a train of thought, and many other things that are working inside our mind. But well, in general, I enjoy the simplification it shown because I got the points what they want to emphasize. After all, it is just an animation movie for fun although they also give the moral points in there.

The mind work based on memory a humankind create. There are so many things that happened unexpectedly but then create some part of the character of human themselves. The core memories as they called it are the memories that are the most significant things that humankind’s treasure. Along with the time, it will change. Like Riley have 5 core memories at 11 (goofball, family, friendship, honesty, hockey), and when she is 12 years old, there are some other core memories like fashion, bands, etc. These core memories might vanish because some shocking thing that could happen. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot create another.. life must go on, mustn’t it?

The plot-hole that is quite obvious are when joy and sadness were absorbed to the real field of minds, meanwhile fear couldn’t. I just only wonder why. Then another thing is the complexity of the feeling when something happened is not that well-explained and more solitary than to relate each other to the other feelings. I just feel that those feeling cannot stand alone.

In the end, joy feels that sadness is needed to trigger another important memory, to fix the mess that happened to Riley only because she and her parents have moved to San Francisco. Oh well… this Joy has already been through about thinking what is the task of sadness.. but then, the adventure they have brought her understanding about the importance of sadness in Riley’s life.

I like the fact shown about there is a time when we cannot feel anything.. feeling dumb and cannot think at all.. it happened to me sometimes. Just last Friday, I feel like when I am nervous, it seems my brain is just shut down. Feeling silly in the end, but cannot do anything about that except regret.

So, there’re not many values I got compared to the two movies I mentioned about, but it doesn’t mean that this movie is not meaningful and enjoyable. I have mentioned some values I got, and they are important. Besides the values I mentioned above, I think the most important part of the value I got was “you are the only one who can control yourself. You cannot control what will happen, but you can control the result, and this result will become memories or even core memories that create your true self”.

So, I can say this movie is recommended ^___^

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