Jyoou no Kyoushitsu

I have an urge to write this more than anything for now… hehehe… it will be my reminder for now, and the future about a passionate dream I have that has been strengthened by a simple dorama I watched recently.

You know, one of my bad habits is doing something without thinking and even has not been arranged in the first place. I am bored, say it like that. it triggered me to watch some kind of dorama saved inside my external hard disk . Well, a little bad I know that properly, but somehow it brings about some benefits for me. However, I will not explain this kind of habits of mine here. I want to write about Maya Akutsu Sensei in “The Queen’s Classroom” that has been starred by Amami Yuki, Shida Mirai, and other artists there.

You know, at the very begining, I like watching Japanese doramas that have genre school and education. Other genres that attract me most are also about detective, doctor, and family. But I like school and education most, especially how Japanese want to show the meaning of teacher-students interaction on achieving goals. Hmm.,, no wonder why Japanese are good people, discipline, and clever. Well, this dorama taught me a lot.

This dorama called “The Queen’s Classroom” or “Jyoou no Kyoushitsu” is a series-film that explained about a teacher namely Akutsu Maya who taught 24 students in the 6th grade of elementary school. She has a dark aura and felt so terrifying. At the beginning I also don’t like how she treated her students. She was very strict that somehow I don’t understand about what she is really thinking by asking a student to be a spy, prohibiting her students to pee in the middle of the studying period in the class. I wonder how she can break the friendship between the students. But slowly, I began to understand. She was willing to be a wall that her students have to overcome. Unconsciously, it strengthened the power, understanding, and even the friendship among her students. One of her students who is starred by Shida Mirai, which is my favorite actress, is the most obvious student who has significant noticeable change during Maya’s teaching period. She became so strong that I admire her so much. I am mesmerized on how a 12 years old-child could overcome huge problems like that very well. The story-line indeed is wonderful. All of it is natural and made sense. All of their acting really is marvelous. REALLY!!!

The complicated story shown in the dorama successfully captured my heart. I even compare it to “Rookies” and “Dragon Sakura”. Well they have different objective to be shown though. But I really love this type of drama. I am amazed with the determination and dedication the teacher gave for her students. How she cherished her precious students, how she kept her eyes to anticipate the consequences of her actions towards the students. She even sacrificed her time to sleep and eat. The other amusing thing is she even made her bedroom to be a warehouse-like type to save the data of the progress of the students. She also searched one of her mother’s students who abandoned her student in the past. In summary, SHE IS REALLY A GREAT TEACHER. NO GOOD WORD TO DESCRIBE HOW WONDERFUL SHE IS.

So, no wonder, in the end, the students were aware about the method given by the teacher. They changed their opinion and mind about her. All of them changed into some great students, until the teacher’s replacement has been shocked to witness how great the class that was taught by Akutsu Sensei.  I just wonder, what kind of people they will be if they have those kinds of behavior and attitude because of their teacher taught them so well.. really well.

You know, there are many good things I learnt from this drama. There are so many quotes that lingered inside my mind. For example “education create miracles, when kids are developing there are more wonderful miracles happening than we think”, “whether or not people think you are a good teacher, that doesn’t matter because it is something that will be decided by the kids 10 or 20 years from now”, and many other examples that I cannot put here one by one. The first thing popped inside my mind when I heard the second quotes is all of my teacher’s faces who has taught me so well. It reminds me about Mr Dakos, Mr Fatah, Mr. Tatang….so many of them who I can remember well. I am glad that I have been taught by them, although their methods were totally different from Akutsu Sensei, but well. It is them who has built my character.

Actually, this film is not only telling about teacher or students-should-be. It is also taught us about how we have to be a great person in the first place. It is a lesson about how we have to overcome our problems, learning from mistakes, and soon. Me too.. I think about how I could be my best so I can give my best to all of the people I love.

The most important impression I get from this film is the strengthening willing inside my heart to achieve my dream to be a teacher/lecturer and a researcher. Wonderful, isn’t it? It is so touching, that I feel I am crying a lot when watching this film.

The minor thing that I recognize from this film is that I like Shida Mirai and Amami Yuki more, they are great actress. I even can catch the feeling. Oh, and I found Shindo Hikaru in the different personality than I like in Hikaru No Go, hehehe…

Well, too many things actually. But considering I just suck in telling all of them (besides I don’t have sufficient time to do so), it is all that I can say. You can watch this film by yourself if you want to find more ^_^.

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