Biomass and Bioenergy Sustainability

Biomass can produce bioenergy sustainably. This clear statement has a high expectation of the promising future from the bioenergy as one of the leading solutions of the environmental and energy problems that people have today. From what I can see that the biomass characteristic that contains cellulose is something that is very beneficial since there are abundant pathways that can be used to produce a tremendous variation of valuable products from cellulose.

Since the biomass has a very general definition that can be referred to, the most important thing is that our agricultural system that is very crucial for human’s life cannot generate 100% conversion product from the plantation. Even the most efficient agricultural system in this world will always leave solid biomass residues from the plantation or the production processes. Also, biomass is not only produced from the agricultural sector but also other fields such as forestry, industry, even human activities. If it is not processed correctly, the biomass waste can naturally emit CH4 to the environment. This GHG has the strength 21 times to heat the earth compared to CO2.

By implementing the environmental friendly agricultural management system to give the best efficiency of the plantation and processing, we can support the biomass provision and utilization in a proper way to make the net carbon is always positive by avoiding the exaggerating inorganic fertilizer and also land use change that can disturb the biodiversity.

The growing research and development of the second generation biofuel also support the optimum utilization of the biomass potential because it avoids the competition with the food source, regardless that the stage of most of its technology implementation is still in the laboratory or even demonstration plant.

The other factor like society awareness that start to increase due to the climate change campaign and the energy security problems. The awareness about the environmental protection and sustainability development make the people try to start noticing the renewable energy instead of fossil fuel.

From all of the factors mentioned above, the technology factor plays significant roles since it is the core that can determine how expensive or cheap a technology when it is implemented, and how much the CO2 or CH4 emission that can be reduced. The biogas technology is one of the most reliable energy technologies that can enhance the utilization of CH4 potential for electricity and daily necessities like cooking and lighting instead of letting it destroy ozone and environment.

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