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Dispensasi Wanita Muslimah

Being a woman, especially a Muslim, gives you a lot of dispensations. Like when you get your period then it is prohibited to do Shalat and Fasting. Some people do think that it is a drawback because there is a possibility that the iman of a muslimah is decreasing because less Ibadah that can be performed. Well yes. Some Muslimah have a futur (decreasing iman) when they have their period, while the others don’t. But Allah has arranged this situation for a muslimah to be anticipated well.

The other type of dispensation for a muslimah especially when they are getting pregnant is that a lot of understanding from the environment that you are going to have a wonderful phase of a changing body and stuff that make them decrease your load more. Let say it that they will reduce the number of responsibilities you have (although you will feel “the lack power syndrome” hahaha, boredom, etc.) You will also have 3 months of day off from work after labor.

I reckon why now I feel that I have less things to work on in the office, because my supervisor seems to feel aware that a pregnant woman can go through discomfort that can hinder her for being a productive and effective person to handle some jobs.

Well.. it is true anyway because I feel less productive and effective than usual. Moreover, I have worked for some projects that I felt less passion on that (not the field that I love so much). However, I can change my mind and point of view. I can be less productive in some things-related-work but I should perform my best for preparing my baby. It is the time I should be closer to Allah than before that I should do more amalan yaumian. It is the time I should enrich my knowledge about parenting so I will be more ready when my baby is birth and coming to the world. Also be a great wife for my lovely and handsome husband, a im. ^____^