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Seeking for The Powerful Energy

seeking for the powerful unlimited energy that can burn inside my spirit,
searching the great strength that can return my little old struggling self, open more chances and utilize them properly. i will not wait for the fire blaze my soul in creating wave to bring myself into the dream.
I know very well that the only way i have to do now is get rid of my comfort zone and struggle more. I don’t wanna regret for the chance that has been avoided, although only one. Really!!!!

“I Dashed out, I’m “the dream’s traveler” you know.
The sky and the flowers, look at how they’re smiling,
There’s only one road that one can go alone
Tie your shoelaces beforehand, because you can’t go and give up! Because!!!

I’ll never Lose! I’ll never Cry!
Until that dream is granted on that day…
That sky was smiling! That flower was smiling!
I, too, shall smile one day because…!
I’ll go over any obstacle because…!


I write that status because inside me is burning with spirit to change. I am fully aware that my time in my comfort zone is too much, too much, until I forget and avoid all of the chances that come to me!!

Honestly, deep in my heart. I regret it, I regret myself for avoiding the chances to make me become better. Prioritize the things that entertain me but not really useful for my future. So, from now, I could back to my old self, my struggle spirit that I don’t know since when it became lost.