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So, yesterday January 30th 2016 the postdoc from the algae group who I have been working with just got shocked because I told him that the standard curve he made was even weirder that the ones that he made at the previous days. It is supposed to be a straight line with R2 near to 1 of course. But his standard curve was kinda a smooth curve like a quadratic ones.

He blamed it into the pipette. And i was like.. I used the pipettes available in the lab but the result of the standard curve I made was always fine. Not as good as Allan’s or Shuai’s, but it is good.


Then I said “I will make mine, so you can use mine to get your samples’ concentration”. I started but he still was not that satisfied. Still blamed on the pipette though. Then i took the white and blue pipettes and saw the volume they made. It was fine. He said “It is not enough to see based on the volume, lets weigh it”. We weighed the 1 ml and 0.5 ml of DI water we put into the eppendorfs and compare those two pipettes performances. The result I took was fine. Then, he took the pipette and tried by himself. The result was always below me which was not that good because it means that the result was far from the targeted weight. He tried several times, and the result was pretty consistent.

In the end, he let me did it again one more time. He said “Oh i know what is the difference”. He took the pipette again and did the pipetting slowly now. The result was getting closer to mine, but still below.

“No… It must be slowly to get the better result”

I was frowning.. “well it was supposed to be slowly and gently to get the accurate result. It is what Shuai and Allan taught me when I learn how to use the pipette”. I never used those kind of pipettes in my lab in ITB and in BPPT. So, for me, I only got the chance to do the pipetting using those kind of pipettes are here, in WSU.

“But this is how I usually do the pipetting”.

I was frowning again, thinking that the way we pipette will influence the concentration, right? Then the accuracy will be doubted. More importantly, dealing with the IC that has detection limit within 0.5 to 20 ppm get us do the pipetting several times to dilute the solution we want to analyse.

“It is still the pipette’s fault that we cannot do the pipetting in a quick way!!”

Ah.. I got some kind of opinion from what he said. I mean he said he always did the pipetting like that and it was proven to be not really accurate.. then.. Well…. I dont know.. I cannot judge his overall result from only this part of method.. but.. ah.. sudahlah wkwkwkkw….

It gives me a very valuable lesson learnt…that I am writing down here implicitly or some thought that are still hanging inside my mind even until now. Whatever it is, I am still trying my very best to get the best result as accurate as I can ^___^.