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These Two Crazy Exhausting Final Weeks Made me Questioning my Chemical Engineering Ability


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Between Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering

You will always be amused with how Allah gives surprises in your life. Really!!! As for me, once again, Allah grants my wish, although this wish had been proposed when I wanted to take undergraduate program in ITB. It was at 2005..

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At that time, I loved Biology more than Math, Chem, and Physics. That’s why I had intention to pursue my bachelor degree in biology. However, scholarship that had been offered to me (Sampoerna Foundation) at that time didn’t provide fund for science subject. They preferred engineering. That was why finally I chose Chemical Engineering that i thought was the best school that could accommodate my interest in biology.

Another fun story i experienced, that then, I failed to follow the re-registration for Sampoerna Foundation Scholarship. Instead, I obtained IA-ITB78.

Then, now. When I am trying to pursue my master degree through scholarship again, Allah changed my subject from Chem Eng to Bio Eng. IIE as an official institution to process our fulbright scholarship to universities recommended me to change my subject from Chem Eng to Bio Eng. For me the only problem for this was the difficulties to be a lecturer in public university in Indonesia that has been my dream since I had passion for Chem Eng. But overall, because of my research subject that has strong relationship with bacteria and biology, I don’t mind to spent my master time in biology though hahaha… i love it. and still love it until now.

Well lets see how fate will bring me


Scholarship hunter’s activities today


I spent time in ballroom ritz carlton today to attend the british education fair. Just 40  universities took participation, unfortunatelly, and none of my interested universities attend this fair. However, i got very valuable information here, including info about how to re-print my ielts certificate hohoh. It is indeed could ease my process to apply the Scholarships, especially Scholarship which require original certificate in one of their requirement.