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How I Looooveeee microscopy so much

Ga akan bisa curhat panjang.. habis tanggal 16 April baru deh diberondong nulis. Yang ini tentang microscopy. You cannot imagine how I love this field. It can definitely increase your love for Allah, because every time you found something wonderful in those tiny micro worlds, then you cannot help thinking How GREAT Allah to create all of this.

ini dikasih sneak peek nya dulu aja ya…

2016-03-31 (1)

Buka Orderan Makanan di Amerika?? ^_____^

Keterbatasan makanan halal di Amerika yang membuat si saya mau ga mau harus mengandalkan kemampuan masak pas2an yang dibawa dari asrama Salman. Well, pengalaman di asrama mengasah kemampuan masak saya, namun hanya pada level tumis menumis saja.. tak pernah menyentuh ranah kue2 dan masakan yang agak kompleks. Satu setengah tahun di Amerika, hari ini level masak saya ternyata ningkat pada level di mana ada yang beneran mau order kue yang iin buat.

Seumur-umur, ga pernah kepikiran sama sekali akan berkiprah di dunia catering..hihi… apalagi di US ^_^. emang belum mutusin juga sih, tapi ini udah ada yang mesen cheesecake yang iin buat 12 buah hihi…

Jadi ceritanya, instead of studying and writing my paper, I spent my time in the kitchen on Saturday. not the whole day, I did it after I finished my experiment in the lab. Biasa, impulsiv.. dan emang ceritanya juga mau ngabisin bahan makanan di kulkas juga soalnya sayang kan udah mau purna tugasnya di sini ^_^. I made Cheesecake oreo muffin and puffchoco (resep ada di instagram iin). satu adonan chiskek yang dibuat dari 16 oz ini bisa jadi 15 cheesecake dengan ukuran muffin.. makanya disangkanya cupcakes itu ahhaha…

Hari Minggu, kenalan mba Fima ngambil bed (matras dan bedframe) yang mba Fima tawarkan di grup freenforsale WSU. si saya pas lagi masak tomyam dan cilok dong ahhahaa… nah.. kasian kan tamunya ga dikasih apa2.. iin tawarin cheesecake yang iin buat. Udah gt aja hari itu mah.

Hari ini, dapet sms dr mba Fima, yang intinya kenalannya itu seriusan mau beli cupcakes yang iin bikin.. hihi… iin ga pernah dapet complement “mind blowing” yang difollow up dengan keinginan serius beli selusin ceunah hihi…



Bunyi SMS mba Fima ma kenalannya tentang si chiskek


Well.. alhamdulillah.. I am really happy.. I never had something like this… it just means that my cooking skill has been improved a lot i guess. Well mulai dari cheesecake, roti, pizza, bakso, blondies energen, etc (yang album lengkap dan resepnya iin simpan di instagram).

I hope i really got significant improvement in the other fields too.. well, my lab skill is also improved :). Now, I can be a reliable resource too in the lab hihi…especially for IC and UV-Vis. English skill?  Alhamdulillah, kayanya improved juga walaupun sikit..

tapi di antara semua improvement ini yang paling utama adalah apakah iman iin selama di sini juga improved? itu yang harus rajin ditanyakan dan rajin difollow up.


Bioproduct and Bioprocessing Engineering Laboratory Annual Retreat 2015

So, this is the continuation of my previous pieces. This event was held one day after my individual evaluation meeting. This event was when every single members of BBEL gave presentation to summary the accomplishment they have in previous year (2015) and the the target of the next year (2016).

All 27 members including post-docs, visiting researchers, PHD and master students gave 10-minute-presentation, and everyone can ask, evaluate, and give some suggestions.


Since I am the members of 2 groups I can choose whether I will give the presentation in the morning with the AD group or in the afternoon with the pretreatment group. I choose morning tbh, not because I dont want to be a part of the pretreatment group but only because my morning’s spirit will be much more higher ^_^.

The most amusing part of my presentation was the fact that the Professor walked by himself and turn off the light to see my presentation better. He could just ask his student to do that, but he didnt. Or he could just turn that since very beginning, but he did that after two presenters. Well, it was just I felt a little bit touched to see how enthusiastic the Professor to see my presentation. It seems that it was a proof how interested he is with the silica removal concept.

There were some suggestions coming from Dr Li and Xiaochao after I finished the presentation. I noted and also recorded it. Well I always record my presentation to see how far I am improved.

In the end of the retreat, the Professor give a quite long lecture and mention how expensive the cost he was spent in 2015 to fulfill all of the necessity in the lab, almost one million dollars if I was not mistaken. A lot, isn’t it?

The most mixed feelings I got from this annual retreat was how hard it is to be a PHD student.. My mind run wildly remembering the Professor’s offer. I dont know whether I will really accept that offer or not. hehehe…. I know it is a chance,, but let see..

Oh then I also got this award. I remembered that last year, he only gave the award for two most excellent students. 2015 has 6, and I was included. To be honest I was not that excellent. My result for the HCSolb needs to be repeated to see the reproducibility. But again, the new par concept caught the professor’s attention. Moreover, electron microscopy class I took at the Fall semester obviously gave some beautiful pictures to prove that concept.


Standing between those 5 most excellent students makes me a little bit off.. it is a pressure for sure. But it is also a valuable encouragement for me to keep moving forward and put my best effort in my remaining time here.


(Professor, Rishi, Liang, Xiaochao, Innu, me, Jose)

Tantangan Professor, PHd Offer, and Hard Work

There is a habit or ritual in the BBEL (Bioproduct-Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory of Biological System Engineering-WSU in the beginning of every year that the Professor will evaluate the student’s performance for one year before and determine the target for one year ahead.

My evaluation in the individual meeting was scheduled at January 7th 2016, exactly one year difference with my very first individual meeting last year.

It was basically me telling the story for what I have accomplished in 2015 so far, what was the most interesting and significant findings, what was my major difficulties, and what was the suggestion for the better management. He wrote the evaluation in his file in the computer, and also in his note.

He was really interested about my be exact a little bit hyped about it. That’s why when I gave myself the evaluation score, he always gave me higher score than that.

The most wonderful thing that he said at that time was that he offered me the PHD position. Unlike the others who perhaps asked for it.. Actually i did nothing.. He was the one who offered that. This thing is more or less based on my expectation regarding the fact that I am the only official student in the AD group while the other members are postdoc and long-distance-students in China, meanwhile there are abundant work in the AD field. So.. more or less I can see it coming. But well,I cannot hide my excitement and happiness when the offer came though.. This was more or less a recognition from what I have done so far.. and I am really thankful for that although I dont really feell I truly deserved it. REALLY…..

He said that I was the only master student that he already gave a promise for PHD support when I decide to continue my program here. and he also said that he only gave this chance to an excellent student..

To be honest, I was really mixed at that time. My result was not that good although he thought that the parameter I proposed is a new thing for the biogas evaluation parameter. There was a load too when I heard him saying that.. I mean,.. I am not that excellent, I am not that hardworking.. only Allah knows how I truly am.

But that thing was said and although my original plan is to go back first and continue the doctoral program at Germany. TBH, this makes me thinks again about what I am really gonna do. I dont know yet now… The only thing that I need to focus on is the Spring Graduation and academic paper submission if I really want to end everything safely.. ehheheh…

In that evaluation., The professor wrote in the form, that “IF I can GRADUATE ON-TIME and submit 2 papers, I will be the most productive MS student in BBEL in the last 10 years”.

innalillah… this challenge hit me right in the kokoro hehhehe…. I mean.. I dont know whether I can meet this expectation or not, although there is a possibility I can do that. But bismillah….. the challenge is on…

The last thing he said was about the award that he will give to the best 6 presenters in the BBEL Annual retreat 2015 that was scheduled at January 8th. If I can make a very good presentation, I can also get the recognition from the peers. (This story will be written later ^____^). But he said, “even though you didnt get that award tomorrow, at least until now, you have the highest score from my evaluation.. and please keep the good work.”

Some of his advice were already put in the facebook though, so I will not repeat it again here.

But btw, when I told my mom regarding this, she was little sad that she thinks it will be much more better If i can come back and continue the S3 in Indonesia, get married and have a happyly ever after ending hehehhe…

well,,, so far Allah always give the best surprise for me.. so as long as I give my best for the remaining 4 months I will be happy whatever the result is..


Dont judge an activity too quickly before you experience it until the end

Lesson learnt today ^________________^

Dont judge an activity too quickly before you experience it until the end, because you never know that something that you dislike to do at first can bring significant benefits for your life… Allah is the best.. always gives the best surprise :). always thinks about that…that Allah always gives you what you need although you don’t like it at first

It is actually gain about the IC hahahah… how i love this machine so much… I was late to start the machine today..and end up to have a beautiful night in the lab wkkwkwkw….it is not that I really hate this… but home is better.. hehehe..

But then I am not the only one in the lab.. there are some other people too…The most wonderful thing is that I collected my courage to ask that person whether he is willing to give me the GC instrument

training for the biogas analysis… and yaaaay…despite his always stern expression, he says yes… alhamdulillah…….

(this is actually a homework that my groupleader gave me two months ago)