Manga-Anime to Live Action Adaptation

Talking about entertainment industries from Japan, I think only several countries that have not yet been fully exposed to it. In Indonesia, since I was child, the Japan animation and drama industries bombarded our life. Doraemon, Conan, Sailormoon, Chibi Maruko Chan… you cannot even counted how many animes that come into your live. My friend in the lab, he is from Honduras and got exposed as well to this kind of cultures.. he loves anime so much….. until he found himself as a nerd ^__^. I am not that into nerd, but I love soooo many anime. Nothing can beat Japanese anime, not even Marvel from the US.

My love for anime also is kinda normal I guess.. I am not otaku but I love dearly some of the fictional characters from those anime… Touya Akira, Tamaki Shuo, Kageyama Tobio, Li Syaoran, Lelouch Lamperouge, etc,.. and most of them are bishounen hehehhe (should I feel ashamed for this?)….

There are soooo many manga-anime adaptation to the live action. Japanese movie and drama industries are growing from this. Overwhelming ideas translated to anime and Manga can be sooo much that they highly depend their love action-movies-series adapted from the existing manga or anime.

From what I observed, the story begins from the manga. If the manga is popular, then the possibility of it to be animated will be high. Obviously it is a different feeling when you compared the sensation you got from reading and watching. Then if the anime got popular, then it is high likely to be adapted to live-action. But here is the problem in shounen areas since there are abundant things from the “superpower” thing to be exactly adapted. Therefore, the shoujo manga/anime are much much much more easier to be adapted since somehow they are more real.

For shoujo fans, perhaps it is easier to see how your favorite manga/anime can be adapted although not all of them gaining satisfaction as well. But shounen adaptation is really hard that you cannot imagine. Regardless, this difficulties doesn’t close the possibility of them to be well-adapted. I found soomee goooood anime-adaptation to live action that really is likable. Well, since it is hard to get the real and exact adaptation, those likable live action sure have put the best effort to portray the single situation and characters in the manga-anime.

Okay, here I want to give some opinion about some live-action adaptation I have ever watched. The most awaited anime-adaptation when I was child was Detective Conan. It turned out not that bad. I like Sun Oguri portrayed Sinichi Kudo. But the overall movies are not that satisfying, tbh.

I have my favorite anime. Not all of them are adapted in live action. Some of them turn out very bad. For example Ouran. While the anime and manga can make me laughing like crazy but the liveaction turned out thaaaaaat bad,, really really really bad. Well if you have your favorite because you like it, then sure you have high expectation for that live action, right? I have high expectation for Ouran to be an extraordinary live action, but obviously it is not. Well. It is basically a shoujo, but I am aware of the facts that some of the content is nearly impossible to be exactly adapted. For my other fav, like Code Geass, it is nearly impossible though, so I don’t have really high expectation for that to be live action-adapted. For Naruto, there is a theatrical adaptation, and the vibes of the actors are quite close to what I expect. I didn’t watch them though, Only several part I got from youtube.. Hikaru no go is really really really possible to be adapted, but they didn’t do that.

Okay now move to the last live action I watched in the last couple of years. In shoujo areas, I think there are two movies that caught my attention because they are sooo good. I can compare the anime and the movies are quite give the similar interest, They are: Kimi Ni Todo Ke and Ao Haru Ride. Those movies are highly likable ^____^. In shounen area, it is kinda hard to say because some of them I cannot compare with the original creation. So I don’t really high expectation, but Rurouni Kenshin is the best adaptation so far, although it is not my favorite anime/manga. I watched some of the anime series, but not really like them. But well, the adaptation is soooooooooooooooo coooooooooooool. So, facing difficulties of shounen adaptation doesn’t make the producer team give up. The movies are “make sense”in sooo many aspects.. some details are thought very well that makes the flow of the stories became so wonderful. It is totally different with “Attack no Titan” that kept stimulating my head to question everything in there. They said those two series of “Attack no Titan” is soooooooo great. I don’t find them really amusing, interesting, well-flowing and make sense.

Parasyte 1 and 2nd part are really gooooooood. It caught my attention from early the start.. it is reaaly good that I even am curious to watch the anime. Well other difficulty of live-action adaptation in general is how to shorten the length of original episode into 1 or 2 movies. But kenshin, and Ao Haru Ride make it quite well. For Kimi Ni Todoke, it is kinda cheating because the original anime is still on going, so they only take a little part of Sawako and Kazehaya’s starting life.

As I said, not all of the adaptation end up good. Ao haru ride and Strobe edge are from the same mangaka, but the quality of the live adaptation is soooooooooooooooooooo different…



And just one hour ago, I finished watching the Prince of Tennis. IT IS GOOOD…. Really. The impossibility of creating the “superpower” thing really can be solved. I enjoyed it so much. ^_^.

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