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Summary perjalanan beasiswa saya di English for All

Beberapa hari yang lalu si saya dikejutkan dengan postingan di laskar scholastic salman yang memposting screenshot tentang adanya artikel dari website “English for all” yang berisi resume perjalanan pencarian beasiswa saya dari tahun 2011. Langsung nyari artikel yang bersangkutan di google dan ketemu. Someone from that website obviously wrote my summary very well. Itu kayanya diresume dari beberapa postingan yang pernah saya buat.

Beberapa saat kemudian, junior saya di ITB ngetag nama saya di FB. Artikel yang sama yang dipost oleh website facebook yang sama, dan di sini malah sampe pake foto saya yang di puterajaya Malaysia.

Si saya gatau gmana sang PIC website tersebut pertama kali sampe ke blog saya, tapi yang jelas beliau meresume postingan saya tentang perjalanan saya itu dengan cukup apik. Suka bacanya, dan beliau did put the credit yaitu blog saya sebagai sumber. Sayangnya saya ga diinfokan sama sekali bahwa kisah saya akan dibuat resume seperti itu.

Si saya ga keberatan sepenuhnya. Lagipula ketika kisah si saya bisa menginspirasi banyak orang, saya bersyukur Alhamdulillah,. But it will be nicer if the PIC of that article notified me first.

Here is the link in website:

and here is in the facebookpage:

Enjoy the reading anyway ^____^

Between Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering

You will always be amused with how Allah gives surprises in your life. Really!!! As for me, once again, Allah grants my wish, although this wish had been proposed when I wanted to take undergraduate program in ITB. It was at 2005..

Image  vs  Image

At that time, I loved Biology more than Math, Chem, and Physics. That’s why I had intention to pursue my bachelor degree in biology. However, scholarship that had been offered to me (Sampoerna Foundation) at that time didn’t provide fund for science subject. They preferred engineering. That was why finally I chose Chemical Engineering that i thought was the best school that could accommodate my interest in biology.

Another fun story i experienced, that then, I failed to follow the re-registration for Sampoerna Foundation Scholarship. Instead, I obtained IA-ITB78.

Then, now. When I am trying to pursue my master degree through scholarship again, Allah changed my subject from Chem Eng to Bio Eng. IIE as an official institution to process our fulbright scholarship to universities recommended me to change my subject from Chem Eng to Bio Eng. For me the only problem for this was the difficulties to be a lecturer in public university in Indonesia that has been my dream since I had passion for Chem Eng. But overall, because of my research subject that has strong relationship with bacteria and biology, I don’t mind to spent my master time in biology though hahaha… i love it. and still love it until now.

Well lets see how fate will bring me


IBT and GRE… hohohoh ganbatte nee ^_^

Facing challenge in front of us is surely something. For me, preparing stuff for TOEFL and IBT is a thing that has to be seriously prepared. I have taken my IELTS test. Well my score is actually adequate to be used for applying some graduate schools and scholarships abroad. But, just relying on the English Proficiency Test like IELTS is not enough.. There are so many things that has also to be prepared if you determined yourself to challenge your mind and getting a scholarship, such as essay, research proposal, study objective, letter of recommendation etc…Most importantly is your determination on why you are willing to take the challenge? And how great your effort to achieve the target! Okay, random thinking again… heuheu

Well back to my mind about TOEFL and GRE. Some people said that if you have taken IELTS, you will not find difficulties to gain high score for IBT. There are some similarities between IELTS and TOEFL that can help us to answer the question given. The only obvious difference is about the writing section which is significantly different from IELTS. So, one of my friends suggested me to not focus on IBT but GRE. Well yeah, in addition, my time to learn GRE is not really adequate, so, I prefer to use this advice.

GRE is more challenging! Definitely!! It is similar to take English-version-SPMB (national selection for university entrance examination). You have to answer quantitative, verbal, and analytical writing test. Actually because I will take engineering major, I just focus on quantitative and writing test. But, of course it will be better if you also pass the verbal test.. but yeaaah… to remember all of those strange, unusual, high-level vocabulary is a hard effort to be put… I have already made some effort,, heheheh… one of them is borrowing the related books to my friend, and then begin to explore them.. try to understand the rule, and answer the question.

Oi Iin!!! You remember that you have graduated from ITB!! Most of the question from your homework was using English. You use English handbooks, and the exercises also used English. In addition, Chem Eng Department in ITB has Fundamental Engineering Examination that actually a globally recognized examination. You must past!!! No matter what! Although, at first, US is not your study destination, but just trust Allah to bring you wherever He wants to place you to make you become a better person!! Right!!!


29 09 2013 92 and 07 10 2013 !!!

Scholarship hunter’s activities today


I spent time in ballroom ritz carlton today to attend the british education fair. Just 40  universities took participation, unfortunatelly, and none of my interested universities attend this fair. However, i got very valuable information here, including info about how to re-print my ielts certificate hohoh. It is indeed could ease my process to apply the Scholarships, especially Scholarship which require original certificate in one of their requirement.